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Dan Burton

Owner & President

Dan has been actively involved in the commercial real estate market for 30 years, first through 15 years with a major Canadian insurer, and then running his own advisory service for pension funds for 15 years. Dan is a seasoned investment professional, well versed in capital markets with
specific skills in real estate and asset management. He has a strong analytical and financial background combined with well established interpersonal skills which have resulted in harmonious and successful ventures. He is willing to take calculated risks when required and open to new and creative ways of accomplishing a task. He is also well acquainted with change and the unusual.

Phone: (204) 947-9072

Tim Burton

Vice President

Tim Burton has been with D.R. Burton & Associates since January 2007. Before joining the team he spent 8 years in the investment field working with consultants and managing a team. Since joining D.R. Burton & Associates, Tim has been involved in many aspects of asset management and reporting. Day to Day tasks include keeping up with individual properties, building data bases for reporting purposes and key administration duties.

Phone: (204) 943-5363

D. R. Burton & Associates