About Us

D. R. Burton & Associates Ltd. provides Portfolio and Asset Management services to Canadian Pension and Investment funds. Our primary service is to provide Portfolio Management to Funds looking to invest in commercial real estate. We build national portfolios providing location and sector diversification together with strong local management to ensure responsiveness to tenant needs and market demands.

The critical component in Portfolio Management is the acquisition decision. Although we are not market timers, there are definite advantages to buying at the beginning of a cycle rather than at the peak. There are movements within a sector and location decisions can be critical. Clearly the quality and location of the individual property has a significant impact on long term value and as these decisions are made well consistently within the portfolio, the performance of the Fund reflects the synergistic impact of all these factors.

Day to day management of the portfolio is the responsibility of the Asset Manager. We provide Asset Management services but will only do so when we have the resources to provide optimal results. We are also keenly aware that there are a number of other excellent Asset Management firms across the country and we utilize their services in markets where their expertise is clearly superior. We maintain a relationship with a number of Asset Managers with expertise in different asset types, whether it is office, industrial, retail or residential. By maintaining these relationships we are able to diversify management strength, build back-up capacity and develop a network of investment opportunities.

D. R. Burton & Associates